Thursday, 12 January 2012

Where is the Mathematics???

By looking closely about the following pictures comment where can we observe the Mathematics at work.


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  2. The angle of the structures...

  3. Measurements to make buildings and speed in cars

  4. 1st picture, the stability needed for the bridge to support heavy weights of the cars especially when its there is a traffic jam or during peak hours.
    2nd picture, the strength of the cables needed to support the bridge.
    3rd picture, the way its structure is designed as if there is any wrong angles, the whole thing might crumble.
    4th picture, the speed at which you turn.

  5. maths is used in the structure of the building, the bridge and the esplanade. maths is used to calculate the required length of the bridge, the esplanade in terms of the circumference and for the F1 racing car, maths is used in the speed in order to be aware of your current speed and adjust the speed in order to avoid skidding or any other accidents

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  7. 1] the angle of the bridge must be measured before construction in such an angle that it does not collapse.

  8. 1st-we need to calculate the maximum amount of cars that the bridge can hold without collapsingso they can make sure that the bridge will stay and not collapse.the math is in the structure holding the bridge up.

  9. the amount of space the building takes up

  10. For the Esplanade, the planning or architecture of the structure and building used lots of math. For example the angles, length and width of the 'spikes' in the building or the beams that hold the building.

  11. The height and width of buildings and the track
    If the building is too small, It is hard to move around as it would be overcrowded.If the track is too small, It would be hard to drive on it.

  12. We can observe maths in the structure of the buildings,bridges, racing cars, esplanade. Maths is used to calculate the dimension and size of the building, the length and width of the bridge, the speed of the racing cars etc.

    By: Gavin

  13. Picture 1: Mathematics can be observed at the bridge as the workers who built the bridge had to measure how long and thick it needs to be.
    Picture 2: The metal ropes thickness to support the entire bridge to float on water
    Picture 3: the angles of the design of the structure to make it look as if it's facing you
    Picture 4:The roads that were constructed for the sharp turn as calculations are needed to make sure the turn is possible

  14. Picture A: The building in the background is made of geometrical figures.

    Picture B:The bridge involved requires geometrical knowledge and also lots of mathematical measurements.

    Picture C:The building needs precise mathematical measures like circumference to be stable.

    Picture D: It has to be a symmetrical or it might lose balance. Physics is also involved.

  15. 1st Picture: The building, to prevent the buildings from topping due to the imbalance of the building.


    1) the angle of the bridge, the speed of the water under the bridge, the angle of the bridge ropes and the angle of the buildings

    2) the angle of the bridge, the angle of the bridge ropes and the speed of the water under the bridge

    3) the spikes on the Esplanade, the road length, the road angle

    4) the speed of the F1 cars, the angle of the track curve, the angle of the F1 cars

  17. 2] the esplanade has many supporting structures that needs to be carefully measured as such that it can hold the uniqe top structure.

  18. The angles of the buildings, the measurement of the building, the perimeter of the bridges, the circumference of the of the race track, the bridge symmetry, the height of the buildings, the length of the spikes.

  19. The "spikes" on the Esplanade need to be in the exact size and amount or else it will not fit onto the roof. The supporting poles of the bridge need to be at the exact length or else the bridge will be imbalanced and even might collapse. For the F1 cars the angle the drivers turn their cars at and the amount of force he presses on the brake pads effect the performance of the driver's car.
    Yan Zheng

  20. In the Third picture, the top of the beams, are in right angles to support the building and stop it from collapsing. the beams incorporate angles.
    in the second picture, the reflection of the double helix bridge is symmetrical to the real one, this is symmetry.

  21. Mathematics is used to build the bridge to calculate the length from one side of the river to the other side so that it would not be too short nor to long.
    Mathematics is used in The Helix Bridge to fit the designs of the bridge into the bridge so that it be perfect. Furthermore, designers have to calculate the thickness and strength of the cables so that it can support the weight of people.
    Symmetry is used to build the esplanade as the 'durian' must be the same on both sides. The designers also have to calculate the area it takes up so that they can also have space to build the garden. Miscenalidlous
    Speed is mainly used in the Formula 1 cars as the drivers have to be used to the speed they have to use according to the angle of the turn. The drivers also have to calculate their speed so that they would have the time to brake so that they would not CRASH.

  22. 3] the F1 cars on the tracks have different speed depending on the part of the track they are traveling at.

  23. 1)the metal poles must be attached to the middle of the bridge to fully support the weight of the bridge.

    2)The angles of the metal poles must be the same.

    3)the spikes must all be equal to be able to fit it on the roof nicely.

    4)The drivers must turn at the correct angle.

  24. the angle of the spikes
    the speed
    the weight that the bridge can withstand

  25. 4] the first bridge shows that there are structures holding the bridge firmly, hence needing precise calculations and measurements.

  26. In the bridge,maths is used to support the weight of the cars on the road and in the floating platform,maths is used to shape the bridge so people will have a good scenery and at the same time make it float.In he Esplanade,Maths is used to angle the shiny mirrors so the interior will not be so warm.And finally in the speed cars,the speed will be controlled by the drivers.

  27. For the first picture, mathematics is needed to measure the maximum weight the bridge can hold before it can ever collapse. Mathematics is also required for the design of the building for it to be properly designed and not collapse in undesirable consequences.
    For the second picture, mathematics is required to measure how much light is reflected.
    For the third picture, mathematics is required to measure if the so-called "spikes" can block of the sunlight, saving energy. We also need to measure the size of each glass piece to be able to fit into the window without falling.
    In the fourth picture, mathematics is required to measure the speed of which the cars are traveling at.

  28. Picture1: Geometry is used to build the building and the bridge
    Picture2:The reflection of the bridge and the bridge itself form a symmetric figure
    Picture3:The angle of the spikes
    Picture4:The angle of the turning point

    Yun Shu