Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The Fractions and Decimals We Know

Fractions And Decimals.

We learnt it all in primary school but have you ever wondered how you can use it in your daily lives and how is it relevant to the real world application?

In our daily lives, we use fractions and decimals a lot. Like example, during lunch, your family might have ordered pizza and for everyone to get an equal slice, you cut it into 8 pieces etc. And after that you can easily tell your parents that you ate 1/8 of the entire pizza or more. And decimals are used too as your parents pay for the bill of the pizza you ordered.At the same time, you need to use your "skills" of math to calculate how much change you receive and etc.

You might want to change a new cardboard and you need to measure the length of it and when its not a perfect whole number, you use decimals or fractions in this situation! You might just be bored and decided to divide a random number given by your friends and when the answer is not a whole number, you get fractions and decimals.

You see, Fractions and Decimals are everywhere and you use them everyday in our daily basics and at the same time, you build up you brain power!!!

Eunice,Isabella (Yadi), Ming Hui

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