Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The Whole Numbers that we know ( Netraa, Thurga, Priya )

Mathematics and real life have not been good friends throughout history. Maths is very important in our lives. For example, if there is no Maths, there is no science, if there is no science, there are no doctors, if there are no doctors no one can cure our fever. 
One of maths basic topic is whole numbers. Whole numbers plays a part in our life. We need to know whole numbers to go to work as when we work we would have to do some calculations so that we can do our work. We use whole numbers most of the time. If you want to weigh something you have to know numbers first before knowing how to do mass. Whole numbers is the first thing about maths since we were all born. We will always learn numbers before learning something else of Mathematics.

When I was doing some calculation I first used whole numbers. When I wanted to know how much my father got for his salary. his salary was in whole numbers. From this we can know how important whole numbers are.

Numbers are used for counting, labeling items and identifying
people.Houses are labelled with numbers for easy preferences.MRT
stations are being coded with colours and numbers too.

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