Sunday, 8 January 2012

Lesson 1 (01) Mathematics & Me...

(a) the success and joys that you have experienced in learning Mathematics.

(b) the challenges you have experienced with the subject; and how you think you could overcome these challenges this year?


  1. Koh Zhen Haw (17) S1-05January 10, 2012 11:33 am

    (a)During the primary 5 CA2 and SA2 i scored 94 for maths.
    (b) earlier in primary 5 my grades started to slip.

  2. (a)i find that when learning mathematics,i feel happy every time i learn something new as there is something else that i can add to my knowledge.

    (b)sometimes i feel quite frustrated as i cannot solve a question or do not understand a overcome that problem,i sometimes apporaoch my father for help

    Clemens Chua
    11 s1-05

  3. When we get good marks in exams, completing a math challenge, Wining someone in a math game ; I need to work on speed as I do my Calculations quite slowly.

  4. none
    pradeep kumar priyadarshika

  5. Koh Zhen Haw (17) S1-05January 10, 2012 11:33 am

    (a)During the primary 5 CA2 and SA2 i scored 94 for maths.
    (b) earlier in primary 5 my grades started to slip.

  6. the success when i was studying mathematics when was i scored full marks in P3, though P3 standard is not that tough now, i was still overjoyed than.

    the challenges that i faced was that from P4 to P5, the standard changed largely, i could not cope with the problem, thankfully, i had a few good friends who helped me study and get through the challenge.

    i can overcome this year's challenge by not getting distracted and to study hard.

    Jason Low(20)

  7. (a) Among all the subjects i have learnt, i love Mathematics the most because i find doing problem sums very fun and enjoyable as when i completed the question, i would feel very proud and organized XD

    (b)The challenges i experienced are usually the problem sums that requires a lot of steps and because of this, sometimes i confuse it with other steps and its a challenge to find out which step went wrong. I think i can overcome these challenges this year with the help of my math teacher and more practices :D

    Signing Off,
    Eunice Chan (01)

  8. maths is fun and it also helps us in our daily life as we use numbers all the time

    the most difficult subject to me is Algebra, but this year I will be more attentive in class and slowly learn to love Algebra

    lee wen feng

  9. I have learned ways and shortcuts to get the answer.
    I experienced difficult questions and think I should preserve and never give up.

  10. (a)When I answer the questions and I get the answers right, I would feel very happy.

    (b)When it comes to problem sums,I find some of the questions difficult as I am not very good with Mathematics. I think I can practice more on problem sums to overcome my difficulties in Mathematics.

    Lim Jia Yi

  11. (a)I entered competitions.
    b)I will study harder and revise my work.

  12. (a) I enjoyed doing hands-on projects with Math like building a model building out of cardboard with my classmates last year. I love to study Mathematics when my teacher is fun and also very approachable as my maths score increased by a lot when i got a Spanish Math teacher 2 years ago in Japan.

    (b) When i have very boring and unapproachable teacher( which I had in primary school) I tend not to concentrate and slack a lot.

    Luke Sciberras (16)

  13. a)I felt happy learning it with friends who help me,and we achieve success in the end together.
    b)the challenges i experienced was learning new subjects. i think i can overcome this, by looking up friends or teachers to help me explain the new math topics i will learn.

    Marcus Chan

  14. (a)The success and joy i had experienced happened to me in 2011,when i was a primary 6 pupil and got 97 for my maths.That was my first A* i ever got.

    (b)The challenge i have faced my entire life was solving difficult open-ended questions,this year i hope to overcome it by practicing more of these challenging question.

  15. I have gotten my only A* in PSLE for Math and I have faced many problems with using which method to solve the problem and I think I can overcome it by remembering which method is to be used for which type of question.
    Daniel (12)

  16. (a) The success and joys that I have experienced in learning Mathematics are getting full marks in my primary 6 CA1 exam and learning a lot of different new things that helped me in my daily life

    (b) The challenges that I have faced are learning new yet difficult things and solving difficult solving problems. I think I could overcome these challenges this year by asking my maths teacher the questions that I do not know how to do and learning more new things before they are thought.

    Ong Gavin (22)

  17. Htet Wai Yan LinnJanuary 10, 2012 11:38 am

    Mathematics urges me to learn much more, topic after topic, learning new things every lesson.
    The success that I have experienced is understanding the mathematics subject fully and know methods to solve a problem sum.
    The joys I have experienced is successfully working together with group mates when in a group discussion discussing a group work.
    I can overcome the challenges by working harder on the subject and proper understanding of the subject.

  18. I like to use algebra to solve difficult/challenging word problems.When I solved a problem using algebra, I feel HAPPY.

    I want to improve my algebra skills.

  19. (a)Getting full marks in one of my exams.
    (b)The extremely tough problem sums.

    Ng Yun Shu

  20. a) When I do math, I feel happy. I am happy because sometimes I do not know how to the question at first, but slowly I learn more and progress to complete the paper.
    b) One of the challenges i face when doing math is either I do not understand the teacher or the question. I either ask the teacher to repeat what he or she said or read the question again.

    Lim Yan Zheng (19)

  21. I feel happy when I overcome difficult challenges. The success that I have enjoyed in Maths is that I can do Maths.

    The challenges I face is when I do not know how to challenging questions. I can overcome the challenge by doing challenging questions.