Sunday, 8 January 2012

Lesson 1 (02) My Mathematics Classroom

How would you envisage the Maths experience in SST is going to be like...
(a) In what way do you think learning would look like in our Maths classroom?

(b) How do we contribute to a conducive and encouraging learning environment?


  1. (a) it would be interesting and fun as there might be fun activities

    (b) we can be quiet and listen to the one who is talking and co-operate.

    Clemens Chua
    11 s1-05

  2. (a)It is going to be very fun. Pupils will constantly ask questions to learn more, and learning Maths would be fun.

    (b)We must ask questions to clarify our doubts and so our friends will also be able to learn together with us.

    Lim Jia Yi

  3. Learning in SST will be interactive and fun and we can contribute to a conducive and encouraging learning environment by respecting whoever is talking.

  4. a)I think it will be a conducive environment where all of us will be able to absorb what the teacher is teaching.
    b) All of us must be attentive when the teacher is talking and we should ask him questions when in doubt.
    Marcus Chan

  5. I think it will be great so long everyone co-operates.
    One person talks at a time.

  6. (a) It would be very interesting and exciting.

    (b) We must be quiet and attentive when others are speaking.

    Ong Gavin (22)

  7. It'll have more hands on programmes and we'll learn in a different way .
    We have to cooperate as a class so that the teachers will have time to make the lesson more interesting and enjoyable for us.

  8. (a)It will be fun and interesting
    (b)We must co-operate with one another

    Ng Yun Shu (5)

  9. a) It will be interesting with lots of interactive and hands on activities to keep us captivated.
    b) We should always listen to the teacher and pupils when they are speaking.

    Yan Zheng (19)

  10. 1) everyone would be tapping away on their LDs doing their work. 2) we should not disturb the rest when they are doing their work

    jason low(20)

  11. (a) I think learning maths is going to be fun interesting if there is hands-ons activities and a fun way of learning.

    (b) We must be cooperative and we must follow the 10C's. We must be quiet and attentive when teacher is talking. We must always raise our hand when we want to ask something. We must always keep the macbook in 45 degrees when teacher is talking.

  12. (a) it will look quite fun and enjoyable and maybe experiments with math will be carried out!

    (b)we must look into things before judging quickly and everybody must be cooperative

  13. (a) It would be fun, exciting and interactive with lots of hands-on projects.

    (b) We must cooperate with our classmates and show good teamwork.

  14. 1)It will be fun
    2)We should ask questions and cooperate with one another

  15. (a)It will be interesting since we are using our macbooks unlike other schools.

    (b)We should only let one person speak at a time.

  16. (a)It will be fun to learn maths in the classroom

    (b) to keep the classroom clean and share ideas with classmates